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Answer to your questions:

Wondering about Rootwork? Curious about psychic readings or tarot?  You’re not alone! Many of my clients grapple with similar questions, so to help you out faster, I’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions in one place. Here you go!

Why your site is called Mason Jar Magick?  Mason Jar Magic was created with the idea that everything is done in a mason jar.  Whether it be magic or medicine, it all happens in the jar.

How did you know you were clairvoyant? When I was a child, I always heard yes and o when I prayed, thought everyone could hear that.  As I got older and I asked things, the yes and no answers became to come to fruition.  So, it wasn’t a quick process, I figured it out over time.

What is rootwork? Rootwork is a traditional African American spiritual magic.  It requires the use of herds, oils, and curios not to mention a lot of praying and a lot of faith.  Through the energy of the herbs, oils, and curios we can hopefully change your situation from bad to good.

Why do I need to get a reading before we do the rootwork? Readings are required before any work is done to see if we can achieve your desired outcome.  I don’t want you to waste money on rootwork that the Spirits aren’t going to help with.

How soon can I expect results?  Results vary depending on the situation.  I have seen it take 3 weeks all the way up to a year.

What is the price range for rootwork? The price range varies from 20.00-400.00

Will I receive a report once the work is done?  Once the work is completed, you will receive a detailed report with pictures and divination on how the work did.

Are there any guarantees?  While I can’t give you a 100% guarantee, just as a doctor can’t give you that, cause it is ultimately left up to God. I can guarantee that I will give you 100% of my heart and energy and many years of experience.

Who do you not work with?  I do not do Court case work, at all.  I do not like to do any negative work, but sometimes do. I don’t do any type of gambling work.

What situations will you refuse to work with?  I do not like to break up married couples.  I will not help someone win the lottery, I will not work with someone when the cards say that it is not justified to do the work they want done.

Send a note to: and you can expect a response in two days or less.

Thank you!

~Ms. Melanie