Clients Testimonial

“Ms. Melanie is one of the most gifted and caring spiritualists I’ve ever encountered. She is not only extremely talented, she really does care about your well-being and wants you to be happy and will do whatever is necessary to help you get there. She’ll give it to you straight, and if she ever has to give less than good news, she’ll be frank but gentle and tell you how best to remedy the situation. She won’t just tell you everything’s hunky dorey if it’s not, but she’ll tell you how to get to where it is. She’s super fast to respond to communications, always tries to fit you in as soon as possible if she knows you need it. She is a true Southerner with a heart of gold – but she’s also a no nonsense gal. She’s very accurate with her take on situations and will always do her best so that you’ll never feel left in the lurch. She’s willing to hold your hand when needed, but she’ll soon make you laugh so you no longer will need your hand held. Her readings are excellent, uplifting and some of the best you’ll ever have. She’s a friend as well. Don’t hesitate to call on her, you won’t regret it (but you might regret it if you don’t!)”
F. from Arkansas

“I would like to say how thankful I am that I have been able to come into contact with Ms. Melanie! She has been so wonderful to work with and such a blessing. She is caring and understanding and helps you through the situation. Her candles have always been powerful and accurate. Even in cases where I felt hopeless or desperate, her readings have been accurate when I dreaded the worse, really truly…I felt like it would go in the opposite direction but exactly what she predicted came true to my wonderment and glee. I would recommend her to anyone for guidance, accuracy, and ways to change the tide in your favor. I look forward to working with Melanie throughout my life to give myself an advantage in anything that comes my way!! You wont be disappointed!!!” M, Maine

” I just want to say Thank You for all your help. I am very, very grateful for all your help and your honesty! I would also like to thank you again for the fantastic Rootwork. I really loved that you took the time to track my progress and photo the progress giving your insight. You are amazing Rootworker. You’re very gifted and feel grateful for having discovered you!”
K.G., NY

“Ms. Melanie! Thank you Thank you I got a job finally. Even through its part time and I needed a permanent job for now I cannot afford to be picky. I will continue to send out more resume. I have to say after trying and wasting money I don’t have on other so call psychic ,you really show me that there are still some effective psychic out there.
Thank you!”, S.T.

“Miss Melanie, I don’t know where I would be without you! You have held my hand throughout this whole situation from start to present. The readings you give are so thorough, detailed, honest and caring. Whether its just for a simple question or for a decision on rootwork, Miss Melanie, you are on point every time. Not only did your work quickly manifest, but you were there to answer any and all questions. From day one, I have felt like you are a long lost friend taking care of all my hoodoo needs!”
-C.F., Philadelphia.

“Miss Melanie, has been lighting Spiritual Candles for me and my children’s issues for a very long time. I think she is a very gifted person with a lot of positive energy put into her work. When I feel like I need some extra help in my life, I know that I can count on her. I highly recommend her services.

“Melanie is truly a blessing to me. I was confused, about a lot of things, she gave me insight on things I was struggling with. Her readings were accurate. She performed some work for me and the results are amazing. I highly recommend her services to any and everyone. She is a Spiritual blessing.”
~ S., TN

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