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Once we’ve done a reading and discovered what services you need, we can begin moving forward with the Rootwork. 

Prices vary and will be determined based on the nature + length of the ritual + the necessary tools.



Here is a sample of the type of services I offer:

Love Rituals: The most popular and called for work is this! If you’ve just had a breakup with a lover and if you want him or her back I can help. If you have a cheating spouse I can solve that. If there’s someone you have your eye on, but that special someone doesn’t seem to notice you exist I will try to change that. If you even want something without commitment I can try to help with that. I want success for my clients, and want things to work out for them. I will also require that my clients be in touch with their ex-lover. I will guide you through plenty of self-reflection on what went wrong so that the same mistakes will not be repeated again.

Job Rituals: Whether to find a job, bring in more customers to your business, or to lead yourself to a more prosperous life style… All this is achievable.

protectionProtection Rituals: There is physical protection from enemies, and of course spiritual protection. Did you know people can cause you bad luck simply by being jealous of you? It’s called “the evil eye.” Once protected, you will notice changes in your life.


Communication Rituals: Have you lost contact with your lover? This is the perfect spell to bring you back in contact with that love. With some work on your part, this can be accomplished!!

Road Opening/ Blockbuster Rituals: Are you just being blocked from achieving your dream? No matter what you do? This spell will remove all those blocked roads, allowing your dreams to push through.

uncrossingUncrossing Rituals: Feeling like nothing is going your way, that you just have some downright bad luck? Let’s get that off you! This spell can allegedly aids in the removal of negativity and unwanted curses allowing you to get back to your life!



Vigils: Vigils are a little push in the right direction. They allow your intentions to get out into the universe so that you can make things happen. Vigils can be for almost anything!


Mojo Bags:
These wonderful magical bags are full of roots, herbs, curios, and your magical petition for your desired outcome. These are specially made just for you. Comes with full instructions and one dram of oil.

fbDoll Babies: They are handmade dolls that contain herbs, roots, curios, and your magical petition. Each doll baby is baptized and activated when you get it, ready for your immediate use. Comes with full instructions and one dram of oil.


If you would like to have Ms. Melanie perform Rootwork, you must first book a reading

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